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Click on the model to see more detail. Prices are subject to change without notice.
FORD BANTAM 1.32011  Johannesburg WHITE R89,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i2011  Boksburg SILVER R94,995.00
FORD Bantam 1.3i P/u S/c2012 172,519km Pretoria whiet R99,995.00
FORD Bantam 1.3i P/u S/c2009 151,000km Pretoria blue R84,900.00
FORD BANTAM 1.3i XL p/u Gen2006 202,786km Centurion WHITE R74,900.00
FORD Bantam 1.3i Xl P/u S/c2011 156,663km Centurion WHITE R99,900.00
FORD Bantam 1.4 Tdci A/c P/u S/c2010 193,804km Centurion SILVER R89,900.00
FORD BANTAM 130 XLT2010 105,000km Pretoria WHITE R99,950.00
FORD COURIER 2.5 Diesel1998 207,500km Pretoria MAROON R79,995.00
FORD Courier 2500 T/d P/u D/c1998 207,500km Pretoria Maroon R79,995.00
FORD EcoSport 1.0 GTDI Titanium2017 14,000km Pretoria White R249,900.00
FORD EcoSport 1.0 GTDI Titanium2013 51,000km Centurion RUSTY R199,900.00
FORD ECOSPORT 1.0 titanium 2015 80,347km Vereeniging WHITE R209,900.00
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5 Titanium Power Shift2014 21,800km Pretoria WHITE R209,950.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TDCi Titanium2014 63,497km Randburg Burnt Orange R199,990.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TDCi Titanium2016 59,000km Klerksdorp blue R249,900.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TDCi Titanium2013 55,000km Johannesburg White R199,950.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TDCi Titanium2016 17,000km Klerksdorp White R269,900.00
FORD ECOSPORT 1.5TDCI TREND2015 111,400km Pretoria BRONZE R179,900.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TDCi Trend2016 11,200km Pretoria SILVER R254,950.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TDCi Trend2016 44,000km Klerksdorp Silver R249,900.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TDCi Trend2017 40,000km Pretoria white R219,950.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TiVCT AMBIENTE2013 86,798km Randburg White R158,990.00
FORD EcoSport 1.5TiVCT Ambiente2013 25,800km Centurion Green R174,900.00
FORD ECOSPORT ECOBOOST 1.0 TREND2015 101,906km Gezina WHITE R199,995.00
FORD Everest 3.0 Tdci Ltd 4x4 A/t2014 70,000km Klerksdorp Silver R279,900.00
FORD Everest 3.0 Tdci Xlt2011 118,000km West Rand Bronze R164,450.00
FORD EVEREST 3.2 4WD Limited2016 31,000km Centurion MAROON R559,900.00
FORD Everest 3.2 LTD 4X4 Auto2016 24,000km Vereeniging SILVER R589,995.00
FORD Everest 3.2 LTD 4X4 Auto2016 40,000km Centurion WHITE R524,950.00
FORD FALCON V81996 1,234,656km East Rand CHARCOAL R60,000.00
FORD FIESTA 1.0 Ecoboost2013 77,013km Pretoria RED R139,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.0 ECOBOOST AMBIENTE2016 20,000km Bellville WHITE R189,990.00
FORD FIESTA 1.0 Ecoboost Powershift Ambiente2016 15,300km Gezina WHITE R195,950.00
FORD FIESTA 1.0 Ecoboost Trend2014 57,000km Pretoria WHITE R159,950.00
FORD Fiesta 1.0 ECOBOOST Trend Powershift 5-Door2015 49,000km Centurion RED R179,995.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4 Ambiente2016 30,000km Vereeniging WHITE R190,000.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4 Ambiente 5-Door2017 13,000km Centurion Orange R179,995.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4 Ambiente 5-Door2016 21,000km Klerksdorp White R177,900.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4 Ambiente 5-Door2014 36,000km Klerksdorp grey R139,900.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4 Ambiente 5-Door2009 102,000km West Rand White R79,450.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4 Trend 5-Door2014 59,000km Centurion Bronze R159,995.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4 Trend 5-Door2017 11,700km Centurion Burnt Orange R179,995.00
FORD FIESTA 1.4I AMBIENTE2015 16,000km Boksburg WHITE R179,995.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4i Ambiente 5dr2008 169,500km West Rand White R74,450.00
FORD Fiesta 1.4i Ambiente 5dr2010 132,736km Centurion SPA R99,900.00
FORD Fiesta 1.5 TDCi Trend 5-Door2013 62,000km Klerksdorp yellow R144,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 AMBIENTE 2009 172,337km Vereeniging GREEN R104,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 S 5dr 2011 12,200km Centurion SILVER R134,900.00
FORD Fiesta 1.6 Sport 5dr2011 121,200km Centurion SILVER R134,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 TREND2011 106,604km Vereeniging SILVER R119,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6 trend 2011 159,161km Vereeniging BLUE R114,900.00
FORD Fiesta 1.6i Ambiente 5dr2011 128,717km Pretoria navy blue R109,995.00
FORD Fiesta 1.6i Titanium 5dr2010 138,000km West Rand White R114,450.00
FORD Fiesta 1.6i Titanium 5dr2010 88,020km Pretoria White R119,900.00
FORD Fiesta 1.6i Titanium 5dr2009 199,352km Pretoria Beige R114,900.00
FORD FIESTA 1.6i TREND 3DR2005 170,500km East Rand GREY R59,950.00
FORD FIESTA 2.0 ST 150 3DR MANUAL2007 130,000km Johannesburg WHITE R99,999.00
FORD FIESTA 5-door 1.0T Ambiente2016 46,000km Centurion SILVER R179,900.00
FORD FIESTA fiesta st 1.6 eco boost2016 11,000km Pretoria RED R269,500.00
FORD FIESTA ST 1.6 ECOBOOST GDTi 2016 27,556km Pretoria RED R249,950.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2016 44,000km Centurion SILVER R119,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIANTE2012 121,122km Vereeniging WHITE POA
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2014 74,530km Pretoria White R99,950.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2015 153,000km West Rand White R84,450.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2014 74,000km Gezina SILVER R104,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2011 160,000km Pretoria SILVER R79,900.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2016 44,043km Centurion SILVER R119,900.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2013 161,000km West Rand White R84,450.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE2013 53,000km Boksburg WHITE R99,995.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2014 54,000km Johannesburg Silver R99,950.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2014 123,000km West Rand White R89,450.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2011 130,180km Centurion SILVER R84,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 AMBIENTE 2015 16,618km Pretoria GREY R119,950.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2015 157,000km West Rand White R84,450.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2015 151,000km West Rand White R84,450.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2015 58,793km Pretoria Silver R115,000.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2012 109,000km West Rand White R79,990.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2014 152,000km Randburg White R84,990.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2014 152,000km West Rand White R89,450.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2014 162,000km West Rand White R84,450.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2015 152,000km West Rand White R84,450.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Ambiente2011 188,484km Johannesburg WHITE R69,900.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Tdci Ambiente2013 164,000km West Rand Olive Green R89,450.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 Tdci Ambiente2014 59,900km Gezina GREY R109,950.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TDCI AMBIENTE2014 58,000km JHB Northern Suburbs SILVER R119,950.00
FORD Figo 1.4 Tdci Ambiente2015 76,000km West Rand Blue R119,450.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TDCI AMBIENTE2014 80,900km Pretoria SILVER R109,900.00
FORD FIGO 1.4 TREND 2014 40,453km Pretoria WHITE R114,950.00
FORD Figo 1.5 Ambiente2017 10km Pretoria Silver R149,900.00
FORD Focus 1.6 Si 5dr2013 130,000km Pretoria Silver R149,900.00
FORD Focus 1.6 Ti Vct Ambiente2013 111,000km Centurion SOLVER R155,900.00
FORD Focus 1.6 Ti VCT Ambiente2013 138,800km West Rand White R129,450.00
FORD Focus 1.6 Ti Vct Ambiente Powershift2013 82,000km West Rand White R149,450.00
FORD Focus 1.6 Ti Vct Ambiente Powershift2013 112,000km West Rand White R149,450.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6 TiVCT AMBIENTE2013 111,000km Centurion SILVER R155,900.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6I AMBIENTE 5DR2004 180,000km East Rand SILVER R64,950.00
FORD FOCUS 1.6TiVCT Ambiente2014 106,000km Gezina WHITE R134,950.00
FORD Focus 1.82011 130,086km Centurion SILVER R129,900.00
FORD Focus 1.8 Ambiente 5dr2009 132,000km Randburg Silver R94,990.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 SI2010 142,344km Pretoria WHITE R129,950.00
FORD Focus 1.8 Si 5dr2011 135,267km Centurion SILVER R129,900.00
FORD Focus 1.8 Si 5dr2010 125,000km Pretoria Silver R124,950.00
FORD FOCUS 1.8 SI 5dr 2011 138,000km Centurion SILVER R129,900.00
FORD Focus 2.0 Gtdi St1 (5dr)2014 47,000km Centurion SILVER R274,900.00
FORD Focus 2.0 Tdci Trend2013 160,930km Pretoria white R149,950.00
FORD Focus 2.5 ST 3dr2009 131,000km West Rand White R174,450.00
FORD Focus 2.5 St 5dr2011 158,946km Johannesburg SILVER R169,900.00
FORD Focus 2.5 St 5dr2015 99,970km Klerksdorp blue R259,900.00
FORD Focus FOCUS ST3 2.0 ECOBOOST 5DR MANUAL2015 51,000km Centurion WHITE R334,950.00
FORD Focus RS 2.3 EcosBoost AWD 5-Door2016 1,700km Pretoria Blue R599,900.00
FORD FOCUS st 12016 55,000km Pretoria YELLOW R299,500.00
FORD Ikon 1.6 Ambiente2010 133,000km West Rand White R84,450.00
FORD IKON 1.6 ambiente2012 162,000km East Rand WHITE R89,950.00
FORD Ikon 1.6 Ambiente2010 125,000km Pretoria White R79,995.00
FORD IKON 1.6 XL2004 281,000km Pretoria WHITE R49,995.00
FORD Ikon 1.6i Lx2004 281,000km Pretoria White R49,995.00
FORD KA 1.32006  Johannesburg BLUE R49,900.00
FORD KUGA 1.6 ecoboost 2014 46,000km JHB Northern Suburbs SILVER R219,950.00
FORD Kuga 2.0 TDCI Titanium AWD Powershift2015 151,000km Pretoria white R309,900.00
FORD KUGA 2.5T AWD TITANIUM A/T2013 131,450km Pretoria WHITE R179,900.00
FORD Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost2017 500km Johannesburg RED R679,900.00
FORD Mustang 5.0 GT Auto2017 4,560km Pretoria White R799,900.00
FORD Mustang 5.0 GT Auto2016 22,500km Centurion White R699,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 supercab xls 4X42013 77,000km Pretoria WHITE R279,500.00
FORD Ranger 2.2 a/t 4x4 Raptor Kit2017 472km Centurion White R479,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 double cab hi-rider xls2015 55,000km Pretoria WHITE R329,500.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 hi-rider xls 2014 85,000km Pretoria SILVER R219,500.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 Single cab bakkie 2.2 XLS 2012 153,000km Pretoria WHITE R169,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCI 6 Speed2015 60,000km Pretoria WHITE R239,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCI XL P/U D/C2015 77,000km Pretoria WHITE R269,500.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCi XL P/U D/C2015 66,712km Pretoria WHITE R274,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCI XL P/U D/C2014 171,207km Gezina WHITE R239,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCi XL P/U SUB /CAB 2015 57,341km Pretoria WHITE R249,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 TDCi XL PLUS 4X4 P/U D/C2014 65,250km Pretoria WHITE R319,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 Tdci XL+ 4x4 d/c2015 97,000km Gezina WHITE R299,950.00
FORD Ranger 2.2 TDCi XLS D/C2015 22,000km Johannesburg Champagne R319,950.00
FORD RANGER 2.2 XL 4X42013  Boksburg WHITE R164,995.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi 4X2 XL P/U D/C2015 45,457km Centurion WHITE R289,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi 4X2 XL P/U D/C2014 121,128km Centurion WHITE R259,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi 4X2 XL P/U D/C2014 156,963km Centurion WHITE R249,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi 4X2 XL P/U D/C2015 141,134km Centurion GOLD R249,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi 4X2 XL P/U D/C2014 146,081km Centurion WHITE R249,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi Auto Double Cab Bakkie2016 27,000km Klerksdorp White R409,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi Auto Double Cab Bakkie2017 200km Vereeniging WHITE R479,995.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi L/R Single Cab Bakkie2017 20km Pretoria White R229,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi P/U S/C2014 172,400km Pretoria WHITE R174,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XL 4X4 Double Cab Bakkie2015 82,000km Centurion White R299,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCI XL A/T P/U D/C2017 25,250km Pretoria GREY METALLIC R349,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XL Auto Double Cab Bakkie2017 2,200km Pretoria White R339,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XL Auto Double Cab Bakkie2017 100km Vereeniging WHITE R389,995.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XL Auto Single Cab Bakkie2017 100km Klerksdorp White R329,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XL Double Cab Bakkie2014 148,000km Klerksdorp white R239,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XL Double Cab Bakkie2014 103,000km Pretoria White R244,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XL Double Cab Bakkie2016 91,000km Pretoria White R289,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi XL P/U D/C2012 147,000km JHB Northern Suburbs BLACK R209,995.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xl P/u D/c2013 119,000km West Rand White R224,450.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xl P/u D/c2014 103,000km Pretoria White R249,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xl P/u D/c2016 143,000km Klerksdorp White R269,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xl P/u D/c2013 129,000km West Rand White R224,450.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xl P/u S/c2014 118,000km Klerksdorp White R189,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xl P/u S/c2017 1,315km Centurion White R269,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xl P/u Sup/cab2013 106,000km Klerksdorp White R209,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xl P/u Sup/cab2013 109,000km West Rand White R199,450.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCI XL P/U SUP/CAB2015 101,400km Pretoria WHITE R229,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XLS 4X4 Double Cab Bakkie2013 150,000km Pretoria White R279,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xls 4x4 P/u S/c2014 98,000km Centurion WHITE R249,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xls 4x4 Pu/d/c2015 195,000km Centurion White R279,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xls 4x4 Pu/d/c2012 94,000km Pretoria White R274,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XLS Double Cab Bakkie2014 111,000km Pretoria Silver R279,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi XLS P/U S/C2015 124,000km Gezina WHITE R239,950.00
FORD Ranger 2.2tdci Xls P/u S/c2014 68,000km West Rand R219,450.00
FORD RANGER 2.2TDCi XLS PU D/C 4X22015 181,910km Centurion WHITE R279,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XLS Single Cab Bakkie2012 153,000km Pretoria WHITE R169,995.00
FORD Ranger 2.2TDCi XLT Double Cab Bakkie2017 200km Klerksdorp silver R459,900.00
FORD Ranger 2.5 TD Hi-Trail Supercab2010 162,000km West Rand White R149,450.00
FORD Ranger 2.5td Hi -trail Xl P/u S/c2011 179,000km Klerksdorp white R139,900.00
FORD RANGER 2.5TD XL HI TRAIL P/U S/C2009 232,055km Gezina WHITE R110,995.00
FORD Ranger 2500td Montana P/u D/c2007 256,900km Pretoria White R129,950.00
FORD Ranger 2500td Montana P/u D/c2007 256,900km Pretoria White R119,950.00
FORD Ranger 3.0 TDCI Hi-Trails P/U D/C2008 252,000km West Rand Maroon R159,450.00
FORD RANGER 3.0 TDCI XLE2011 124,054km Pretoria SILVERISH R219,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.0TDCi double cab Hi-trail XLE automatic2009 181,229km Centurion GREY R199,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.0tdci Hi-trail Xle A/t P/u D/c2011 196,000km West Rand White R199,450.00
FORD Ranger 3.0tdci Hi-trail Xle P/u D/c2009 171,586km Pretoria white R169,950.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 double cab 4x4 XLT auto2014 56,377km Centurion WHITE R369,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 double cab 4x4 XLT auto2015 46,517km Centurion SILVER R399,900.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 double cab hi-rider xlt auto 2016 51,000km Pretoria WHITE R399,500.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDCI XLS P/U SUP/CAB2013 175,746km Gezina WHITE R219,995.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 TDci XLT D/C2012 196,000km Gezina WHITE R239,950.00
FORD Ranger 3.2 TDCi XLT Double cab Automatic2016 49,000km JHB Northern Suburbs White R415,000.00
FORD RANGER 3.2 XLT 4X42015 56,000km Pretoria WHITE R399,950.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi 3.2 WILDTRAK 4X4 Auto Double Cab Ba2017 300km Vereeniging GREY R719,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi 3.2 WILDTRAK 4X4 Auto Double Cab Ba2017 300km Vereeniging WHITE R719,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi 3.2 WILDTRAK 4X4 Auto Double Cab Ba2017 200km Vereeniging WHITE R730,000.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi 3.2 WILDTRAK 4X4 Auto Double Cab Ba2015 45,500km Centurion white R489,000.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack 4x4 Auto Double cab bakki2017 300km Vereeniging WHITE R719,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack 4x4 Auto Double cab bakki2017 1,600km Vereeniging BLACK R729,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack 4x4 Auto Double cab bakki2017 200km Vereeniging BLACK R609,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack 4x4 Auto Double cab bakki2017 300km Vereeniging BLACK R719,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack 4x4 Auto Double cab bakki2017 200km Vereeniging GREY R599,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack 4x4 Auto Double cab bakki2017 150km Vereeniging ORANGE R590,000.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack 4x4 Auto Double cab bakki2014 50,000km Pretoria White R399,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack 4x4 Auto Double cab bakki2017 200km Vereeniging ORANGE R589,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack Auto Double cab bakkie2015 49,000km Klerksdorp White R389,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack Auto Double cab bakkie2015 74,500km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R369,000.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi Wildtrack Auto Double cab bakkie2017 200km Vereeniging WHITE R549,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Wildtrack P/u D/c2013 116,880km Pretoria White R299,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi WILDTRAK Auto Double Cab Bakkie2016 13,000km Vereeniging WHITE R550,000.00
FORD RANGER 3.2TDCi XLS 4X4 A/T P/U SUP/CAB2013 75,700km Gezina GREY R314,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Xls 4x4 P/u Sup/cab2012 134,000km Klerksdorp White R259,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Xls 4x4 P/u Sup/cab2013 127,000km Pretoria White R279,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLS Single cab Bakkie2015 65,000km Centurion White R249,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Xlt 4x4 A/t P/u D/c2014 90,000km Centurion WHITE R354,950.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Xlt 4x4 A/t P/u D/c2014 91,000km Centurion WHITE R339,950.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Xlt 4x4 A/t P/u D/c2013 113,000km Pretoria Silver R339,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Xlt 4x4 A/t P/u D/c2012 147,070km Pretoria White R289,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Xlt 4x4 A/t P/u D/c2012 99,000km Klerksdorp white R309,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT 4X4 A/T P/U SUP/CAB2017 6,747km Pretoria white R419,950.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT 4X4 Auto Double Cab Bakkie2013 113,000km Pretoria Silver R339,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT 4X4 Auto Double Cab Bakkie2014 133,000km Centurion WHITE R319,950.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT 4X4 Double Cab Bakkie2015 102,000km West Rand Bronze R349,450.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT 4X4 Double Cab Bakkie2013 124,000km Centurion White R339,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT Auto Double Cab Bakkie2016 49,800km Centurion white R419,000.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT Auto Double Cab Bakkie2017 17,000km Vereeniging WHITE R520,000.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT Auto Double Cab Bakkie2013 147,000km Pretoria white R279,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT Auto Double Cab Bakkie2017 11,985km Pretoria White R499,950.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT Double Cab Bakkie2017 19,000km Vereeniging WHITE R449,995.00
FORD Ranger 3.2TDCi XLT Double Cab Bakkie2014 46,000km Pretoria White R329,900.00
FORD Ranger 3.2tdci Xlt P/u D/c2013 185,100km Pretoria White R259,900.00
FORD Ranger Wildtrack 4x22017 200km Vereeniging ORANGE R549,995.00
FORD Ranger Wildtrack 4x22017 200km Vereeniging SILVER R549,995.00
FORD TOUMEO 2.2 TDCI AMBIENT SWB2016 121,528km Gezina WHITE R349,995.00
FORD TOUNEO 2.2D Ambiente LWB2013 102,000km Centurion BLUE R319,900.00
FORD Tourneo 2.2D Ambiente LWB2017 2,000km Pretoria Thunder R459,900.00
FORD Tourneo Custom LTD 2.2TDCi SWB (114KW)2013 150,400km Pretoria white R289,900.00
FORD Tourneo Custom LTD 2.2TDCi SWB (114KW)2016 36,500km JHB Northern Suburbs WHITE R475,000.00
FORD Tourneo Custom LTD 2.2TDCi SWB (114KW)2016 36,500km Centurion white R465,000.00


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